Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23rd

Today did not start out good.

First I was up late watching the Lakers win in 3/OT, great game, from the night before.
Next as I was running late for work I had to fill up my car, 76$.
Finally I just found out that my dog had decided to leave me a present from the night before. Not a nice little circle or coil, but some gross @$@ "stuff"

Yet everything faded into the past when I saw this.

I was at the ATM depositing a few checks while I watched a car pull up and "park" right next to the ATM. This was not a parking spot by any means, it was in fact a very busy street in the parking lot. There was an ample amount of parking spots close to the ATM but this person belived they were better than everyone else and did not FEEL they had to walk the extra 15 feet to use the ATM.  So as I finished up at the ATM I saw them....

A police officer had stopped directly behind the illegally parked car with his lights on. For fear of the upcoming ticket the owner of the "parked" car rushed back inside the car and started to drive off.

The police officer then turned on his loud speaker and demanded the driver immediately get out of the car. Yet the car continued forward until it found a parking spot no less than 15 feet away.

At this point I knew my day was about to turn around.

The police officer threw open his door with his gun drawn as he headed towards the now legally parked car. The driver finally got out of the car practically frozen with fear and crying like a newborn baby. The police officer made the driver get down to his knees while he cuffed him and brought him back to the back of his car.

I left at this point wondering if the driver would ever illegally park again, I bet not.

A little Change to the Blog

I'm going to be changing my blog a little. Before it was only about how I am attempting to live the purified life. Yet there just does not seem to be enough content for my blog. So I am going to open my blog up to also include a few other adventures and activities from my day to day life. As well as a little humor. I would like to apologys for when my jokes are not funny and even may affent a few people out there.

 Thanks For Reading

Friday, March 18, 2011

An off day

Like many of you in the world today you are probably joining me in one of our many world wide sponsored HANG OVER days.  Just like the day of new years or May 6th or like today, Saint Patty's day +1.

I must also add that I did sleep wonderfully last night.

Today as we all recover I will finally start my new work out activities.

Im going to start out with these and see how it goes.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling better already

After the first few days of making the switch to the pure life I can tell it is making a difference.

First things first I totally slept like a baby.

Maybe it was the swim or maybe it was my new Ultra Pure Air Purifier the Air Shield. (way to long of a name)

I did the regular ten laps in the pool then enjoyed the sun with a book.

Today I start my new workout as well, it is a little to cold to swim.

Information on the work out will be up tomorrow

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today is a new day like tomorrow will be and yesterday was, but today is different.

Today I finally start my purified life blog.

I will do my best to post everyday, with what I am doing and what is working for me.

The first thing I have tried to do to PURIFY my Life is SLEEP BETTER.

I bought one of these Air Shield Air Purifiers for my room. Tomorrow I will let everyone know is it works.

Today I also start my new swimming routine.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Living the Purified Life

Just starting out here but in next few months I will be going from a Toxin filled over weight 20 something guy into a purified fit man.

Come watch my progress and learn how.